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Bremen is a vibrant, modern city with a great Hanseatic past and excellent quality of life. Its attractions include not only the wonderful old city centre with the marketplace, Town Hall (on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) and the picturesque alleyways of the 'Schnoor' district, but also its residential areas, lively yet cosily proportioned, the budding Überseestadt in the former dockland area, and the parks and green spaces that interconnect everything. The Ostertor quarter, the Schlachte boulevard with its riverside restaurants and pubs, and the Bürgerpark, the Wallanlagen and the Werder island are just a few examples that symbolise the sheer liveability of this city.

Bremen is a place with an exciting future, thanks to a thriving scene for culture and the creative professions, and due to the 'Excellence' university as a centre for academic study, research and technology. One key characteristic of the city is that the old mercantile business community here by the River Weser has continuously reinvented itself in the course of history, without ever losing its charm.

Cyclists in Überseestadt before the Bremen logo. Source: Bremen – bike it!, Ingo Wagner
In Bremen, cycling is not just a part of everyday life, but a form of culture and, above all, something to enjoy. Source: Bremen – bike it!, Ingo Wagner


Bremen has many talents and is a city with 'short pathways'. Which is precisely its advantage. What's even better, however, is that the pathways are not a burden, but a pure joy – on a bike, in any case. The fact that there are twice as many bicycles as cars on Bremen's streets is a clear indication of the quality of Bremen's infrastructure for cyclists.

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Bremen bike it! has some great routes for you to try out. The tours are included in the Bremen Bike Citizens app and printed as a flyer in tourist information centres, bike shops and hotels. You’ll find lots of interesting information in the App and the flyers about the city, its different districts, sightseeing attractions and scenes – plenty of reasons for getting to know the city from a bike saddle.

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